Monday, April 9, 2012

Antiques, Museums, & Rosie the Riveter

 A few weeks ago, we took my Father to see an army airfield museum.
He likes that kind of stuff.
And so do I.
Because wherever there is a museum, you will find

So off we went!

Won't you come inside with us?

Look at these sweet young faces.
Brave young men who had a passion for their country and for flying.
Did I mention my Step Son is in the army?

There were also bigger pieces for the museum, outside.

Bebe was having a ball.
Can you tell?
With her pink sunglasses on.

Inside were images, artifacts, even pieces of engines.
All telling the story of airmen and their craft
facing battles overseas, many which seemed overwhelming
and all consuming.

But, that didn't stop them.

I think that is what I like about museums like this.
Men AND women, brave souls facing
incredible challenges head on.
I admire that.

 Looking back now, we can see their tools
were not as "tekkie" as they are today.
What will things be like when Bebe is a twenty something?

Not all of the artifacts were geared toward men.
I really liked this beautiful wedding gown
from the forties.
It was actual wedding attire worn
by a local airman and his bride.

And here was a set up of what the typical
office desk would have had on it.
Wouldn't we LOVE to have these now?

Isn't it funny how time changes things but we
still have a penchant for antiques?

One day when I'm like 90, I'll be in an antique store
and my great grandaughter will say
"Hey, look!" There's one of those OLD
iPod things!

I think I can wait on that.


thistlewoodfarm said...

Thanks for sharing all of these pieces of history. What a great chapter in the history of our country. The stories they could tell!


MJ said...

Yeah, somehow I just don't think that our technology today will have the same impact as the antiques of yesteryear! But maybe I'll be wrong?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a great time at the museum. I've never been there and it's - what - 15 minutes from my front door? Need to put it on my list of things to do.

Anyway - do stop by my place for tea today - linked to you again - with some VERY interesting family news. I'll keep you informed as to "what develops" and you're definitely "in for a print"!

Ha! Got your curiosity up?

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