Tuesday, April 5, 2011

SC Tuesday and JUST LISTED Items! French Art Catalog, 1925 Rose Catalog, Antique Ribbon, English DENTON Porcelain, and More!

Lots to do today...I just listed items to my shop and today is my day to highlight something deserving of a second chance.
I really like this old jewelry box. It has that French look and just says "elegance" to me.

It really deserves a second chance!

And now onto items getting a first look... just listed late last night! Check them out quickly here or keep scrolling down...

A rose catalog from 1925!

Hotel, restaurant, company and airline silverware. Some collect these and I have some unique pieces to make a very interesting assortment.

Love this antique postcard's artwork.

Hanky holder...
A nice sized first place ribbon... I'm not sure if the title portion is missing or if the print of the event is just on the lower part. Either way, it is from the 1920's and it is a neat piece! Large, too.

The inside of the French art catalog is full of descriptions of French paintings, furniture, sculptures figurines... and lots of French ads for museums, etc.

From England... a porcelain posy pin... by DENTON in the original box.

These earrings match but I'm not sure if they are Denton.

Send in the vintage clowns! Especially if you have a party coming up... or a crafty project.

Pretty aqua earrings... spring and summer fashion or maybe for crafting ...

Don't forget about the $20.00 gift certificate we are giving away over on the Beatrice Banks blog... there is a total of 125.00 being given away by a team of shop owners and bloggers.

Check it out here.

Have a beautiful (BELLA) day!


Ms.Daisy said...

Hi Jillian,
You have some very interesting new items displayed today. I really like the Denton piece in its original box.

P.S. Stop by, I gave you a shout out in The Daisy Chain.

MeMeSue said...

Hi I'm your newest follower....can't wait to dig into your blog!!

MJ said...

The vintage clowns took me back to childhood!