Thursday, September 3, 2015

Vintage Finds of the Week #18: Goodies and Treasures and Pinterest, Oh My!

Welcome to Vintage Finds of the Week #18!

This week I am sharing some of the finds that I've been working on. I'm back in full swing listing and selling so I've put together a collage of goodies for you.

There's jewelry, a china teapot, a lemon tray, a flour canister (I may have shown this before), a 1st Holy Communion Keepsake set, a vintage Heidi book from the 1920's and a wooden glove box. I'm working on getting them all listed.

Slow and steady wins the race!

...Which means I will be sending out my "Just Listed" email to my followers soon. If you'd like to receive an email alert when new items are listed, click here and just type "SUBSCRIBE." Items tend to be a bit cheaper on my site because I don't have to pay the Etsy fees.

I also have some rustic treasures to share as well like this old bottle capper. My Grandmother had one of these and I just wish I could have one of her homemade root beers right now!

I'm wondering what I could do with these bottle caps if the capper doesn't sell. I am sure there are a ton of ideas on Etsy, if not, there is always the ever addictive Pinterest.
I'm on both and don't forget Instagram! Does anyone still Twitter?  

Anyway, I got off on a social media tangent. I wonder how many times we think of social media throughout the day?
I'll bet it is a lot more than we realize.

I have about 46 of these cute little HALL pottery thingies.
I believe they are individual creamers but I think they could be used for party favors at an event. Maybe even a rustic wedding. Little flowers in "vases" or toothpick holders?  Mini scrolls with pretty printing inside? They are now on Etsy so we'll see how it turns out.

Speaking of weddings, my antique blank postcard stash is running low. This was one of the best finds ever! People buy them for wedding place cards or for table numbers! I sell them in batches of 50 for 10.00. I've sold hundreds of them. So all of this to say maybe I can sell the Hall creamers for a similar reason.

And finally-

I may have shown these before but they
are just too darn cute to not show them again!
And they are finally listed.
Just a wee pair of stocking stretchers
for a little one. Adorable! They are on
Etsy as well as my main website.
What do you think? Perfect for
decorating a laundry room
or baby's nursery?

I'll be back again for Thinking Pink... tomorrow Bebe is off from school again (already!) so I may take her to a fun railroad to ride a steam engine. Will be back with pictures if we go!

Enjoy the day!

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Sandi Magle said...

Fun stuff you have here. I'm particularly interested in the bottle capper, as I have one similar in the garage. Although it may be a 'corker', I'm not sure. Love the lemon tray also…the painting is so pretty on that. Great finds!