Sunday, June 23, 2013

This Old House: The Drive By

About a week ago I took Bebe "back home"
for a visit with my Mom.
My Mom lives near the beach
so of course we spent a day there.
It was awesome.
Then on the way back from
our weekend trip I drove through
my old home town.
I drove by my old house.
This old house.
Driving by.
Like a stalker
with a paparazzi
smart phone.
Not only driving
REALLY slow and
holding up my phone,
but also shouting to Bebe
in the back seat.

 "LOOK! This was
The house Mommy
grew up in!"
Oh how cute it looks.
It looks a bit different
All of the big trees are gone.
They provided great shade.

But you can see the house well now.
The new owners have even
kept the color the same.
They added railing
down the front steps.
My neighbor Ronnie and I
played so many games
out on that front porch.

There used to be

a porch swing
on the left.

See those two
skinny windows
in the front?

That was MY room.
The room that was first
painted yellow....
and then changed to
(This is where it all
My cat used to meow
late at night,
underneath the
windows until
I would open
 one of them
and pull her in.
I wonder what my
room looks like now.

There were more trees
 here in the side yard.
Change is good.
And change was good
for this house.

It is SO bittersweet to see

what happens after
you've moved on.
The memories come flooding back.
Yes, the house has changed.

But I still have my
Memories of our little. yellow. house.

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Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Memories of our childhood are so precious. I too drive by my house and look at the changes "would Mom of liked what they did" Oh well, someone else is making memories in it now.

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I love this post and it pricks my heart because I had a yellow farmhouse of my own as an adult that I left behind 17 years ago and I still can't drive by it! I LOVED that house and don't want to see what the new owners have done! So bittersweet to look back....

Grandma Linda's Daydreams said...

I love your little yellow "old house"! I felt sad too, as I have left behind a home I loved a few times too!
Glad you have happy memories and enjoyed a nice time "down the shore"(as we say here in South Jersey) Have a wonderful summer!

Mary said...

Hello Jill, First I want to say I received my book,am enjoying reading about all the flowers I love:) It took me 15 min. to get it out of the box, wrapped very well:) Thank You for the refund on shipping.
Sweet Bebe, she will remember this and it will make her sad. I broke a little dish with a cover, Mother had told me to wash the dishes. I do not remember what she said, only her sad face. this was 45 yr. ago :( Is funny what we remember as a child. The Boxcar Kids and a pink cup ?:)
When I was single..I too( Yes :)) had a little Yellow House.It took me a month to paint,came home from work and spent a couple of hr.each day. Loved "The Yellow House" Now my sunroom is Yellow :) I miss the house I was born in, The lady actually gave me a tour, broke my heart.. Just told her how nice it looked, what else could I say ?
Well Miss Chatty will say by for now..Hugs :)