Monday, June 17, 2013

Beach Time

There really is no other time like it.
Time spent at the beach.
Even if the weather is bad,
it is better than being at home.
And I was treated to a special
surprise our first day there.
We were eating inside a
restaurant when I kept wondering
what people were taking pictures of
out on the boardwalk.
I kept thinking "What could possibly
be SO amazing that all of these
people are lining up and grabbing
their cameras?????
So I went to take a peek.
As soon as I saw it I thought
Duh. Just an another amazing
wonder of  God's creation.
It was actually a DOUBLE
rainbow but by the time I
got my camera out it
 was down to single.
Still amazing.

We really had gorgeous
beach weather.

And of course Bebe LOVED it!


At this point I have no idea when I
will have time to have my items
ready for the shop BUT I am not
giving up on having it done THIS
WEEK.... oh yes! I will get it done!
See you tomorrow for
Sweet the Sound...

1 comment:

Ms.Daisy said...

What great pictures! So glad you got a shot of the rainbow as I didn't get out onto the boardwalk in time to see it. We really did have great beach weather and so happy that you were there to share it with me.