Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Arrivals Have Just Been Listed! Skeleton Keys, Weiss Jewelry, Victorian Calling Cards and More!

I did it!
I sent out my email alert,
Twittered and Facebooked.

I'm all cybered out!
Oh yes, one more thing to do...
Here is a collage of some of the items
that just made it into the shop:

My favorites this week?
It is tough because I really
liked most of what I listed.
As in, wanted to keep a
big handful for myself.
Will power, will power!
I really like the pink hair
receiver, the skeleton keys,
hat stand, the Victorian calling cards,
and the drama of Paris,
called Wormwood.

Keep, keep, keep.
(No, I must place it in the shop!)
And the steel beaded flapper girl bag!
Didn't want to forget to mention it as it
is a real beauty!
There are so many more:

Antique postcards...
two of them are of fans!


Antique copy of  Les Miserables
in French text, of course!

Glamorous tear drop
rhinestone necklace


Plus, each week I list new
arrivals I have a Mystery Sale:
This week's theme I selected items
that have to do with summer!

I love summer!
I hope you are having a great start to yours.
ENJOY and have a great week,

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Cranberry Morning said...

All very nice, but that beaded bag is stunning! Have a good weekend.

LV said...

I checked out a lot of your things. You have a very nice selection. It must take a lot of time and work, No doubt you enjoy it. I wish you the best in this endeavor. I love my bracelet.

Jennelise said...

So many wonderful things!

Bill said...

Oh my. I better not let my wife see this post. She'll want anything French!