Friday, June 7, 2013

Sneak Peek, Last Day of Giveaway, and Strawberries

The last day!
My 5th Anniversary Giveaway
ends tonight!
Five winners will be selected
to win a 25.00 gift reward
(I don't actually have paper
certificates) toward
merchandise in my shop.
The odds are good because
there aren't a lot of entries.
Winner will be chosen
tomorrow morning!
And here is a sneak peek at
some of our latest finds:
Tick tock around the clock! A cameo brooch
and ye olde skeleton keys...
Gone With the Wind
by Margaret Mitchell

Paint by Numbers
These look exactly
like a set that was
hanging in my
Grandmother's living room!

Art Deco era
Victorian era calling

Art deco evening bag
(like in the movie Gatsby)

Sweet mother and child
china plate of Bavaria

More FANS!
Antique postcards

French cologne bottle

And a nice book stack
with some oldies but goodies.
Poems etc.
There is SO much more to
share but I didn't even get
to edit all of these
pictures yet.

I also have a pile of new
finds in my formal dining
room. Still waiting for their
photo shoot. These poor
neglected antiques!
Just much too busy
this week with coming back
from vacation and
going places with Dear Bebe.
Yesterday we went
strawberry picking!
Bebe did a great job!
Now, what to do with them.
Think it is a strawberry
shortcake kind of day.
Then freeze the rest
for future desserts!
Linking to Pink Saturday....
Thanks so much to Beverly
at How Sweet the Sound.
Our Hostess with the mostess
pink on the net!


Connie said...

I cannot believe your little cutie is almost 5 years old, sugar!!! My great grandgirls are 3 yrs and 6 months old now and that's even hard to believe. I love them like crazy also.

Those strawberries look luscious. We usually have some guys on the back roads selling them at intersections for cheap price though for a case of them. Don't even have to go to the market here.

Do NOT enter me in the giveaway. I'm trying my best to get rid of stuff I don't need now. Even doing a secret sister at church so I can make up a basket of stuff to give to someone in our ward. The first one that got it cried she was so happy!

xoxo and kiss for the babe,

Tea in the Library said...

Always fun to see what you are up to! Strawberry picking - so much fun!

LV said...

You did a fine job at picking antiques as well as strawberries. Love them, but hard to find fresh ones here.

Susan said...

What lovely things you have. And beautiful hand-picked strawberries -- the very best kind.

Valrie said...


Sounds like you have been very busy~! Lovely giveaway! Have a great PS weekend.

Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

OH I love the calling cards! A few years ago I bought a few online and I have them in a small metal dish by my front door. The keys are great too -- shame on you for luring me into your shop!