Monday, January 23, 2012

How to keep your Antiques when you really want to Declutter

It's January.
It is cold in many parts of the country.
What else is there to do except examine your home?
Your stuff.
Your clutter.
 Thinking about getting rid of that collection you've been working on for the past 15 years? Wait!
There's still hope for it yet...

 Make an arrangement out of it all!
Group like things together and take advantage of your walls, shelving, or like below, a dish rack.
 While this rack was advertised as being from Ethan Allen for $679 I know a few handy andy's out there who are out of work and could use the extra money. Why not hire someone who needs a job?
Or maybe your hubby dear is a bit handy?
Or in this case, nothing needed to be built at all. The article itself became the dresser.
This neat stack of vintag suitcases we've seen before but a reminder of how much storage
is available INSIDE them is always handy, especially this time of year!

I'm taking a look at my own stuff to see what I can do to declutter... it's the perfect time of year!

All the images were found on's Antiques and Collectibles category.

I hope they helped you come up with an idea or a plan .... or were just a source of inspiration.
I'll be back later this week with some updates on my dining room...I've had to declutter in order to get the look I want. And then I went mirror shopping again. Wait 'til you see what I came up with for my final decision.

PLUS, a few more finds and fabulous jewelry listings this week. Stay tuned!


Magnolia Cottage said...

Can't wait to see your dining room updates! Happy shopping!


Riet said...

I love those images. I am decluttering too but will keep my antigues in the cabinets.

The Rushing Rabbit said...

I love the mirror arrangement...and I really want to collect some old suite cases now that is awesome... I'm always getting rid of a collection and then I start a new one...

MJ said...

Just when I thought of ridding of those 1980s Samsonite suitcases, I've decided to stack them in a corner for decorative storage purposes! Thanks for the tip and I'll tell others you suggested it! LOL! ; )

thistlewoodfarm said...

I love that plate rack.....but over $600? Really? Much better to have someone make it!