Monday, October 25, 2010

Falling for My Crockpot

Every year around this time I fall in love with my crockpot all over again. It sits at the bottom
of my storage cabinet all spring and summer until I go in search of it...usually about now.

It is always faithful, just sitting there waiting for me to open the door and exclaim "there you are!"

Today I'm cooking pork loin and just tossed barbecue sauce and another ingredient... salsa. I'm going to see how it turns out Figured it was easier than chopping peppers and onions!

Like I said, my crockpot is amazing! Because of this cool gadget I'm even going to make MASHED potatoes tonight! I never make mashed potatoes! Whoo hoo....

The leaves are falling off of the trees in a blustery fall-like wind today.
This is how our maple tree is going to look by the end of this week. It is still green and yellow.
Most of the leaves have been hanging on and I've really enjoyed the warm weather we had lately too. Yesterday was the perfect day to go with the family to the park, which we did, but I am kicking myself for not bringing along our nice camera. The photo ops were everywhere!

(A snippet of our driveway going up the hill)

This morning I went to our local craft store in search of clearance pumpkins. My friend showed me a Martha Stewart clip of how she painted pumpkins with glue and covered them with this beautiful glitter.

I'm really getting into autumn this year!

What have you been doing to celebrate the season change? Go ahead, tell me about it.


Ms.Daisy said...

Ohhh! I'll bet that port loin turned out wonderful with the barbeque sauce and salsa! Sounds like a winning combo to me! And I am a mashed potato girl!


Carolyn said...

Oh, I know how you feel about your crockpot! I dusted mine off too a couple of weeks ago! It just is part of the season! :)

Hugs, Carolyn ~ Cottage Sunshine

MJ said...

We have no more leaves! We may get snow this evening! It is coming too soon but hope it might melt for Halloween and return thereafter but time will tell!

Kathleen Ellis said...

Hi Jillian~
Oh, I love my slow cooker, too! This time of year it is so nice to fill it up in the morning and have a fabulous dinner waiting at night!I love to do roasts in mine...but I'm stepping outside my box and am going to experiment with other dishes this year!
Thanks for stopping said we have the same area code...I'm in Mechanicsburg...where are you?
Have a beautiful evening~
;-D Kathleen