Monday, October 4, 2010

Cinderella and Her Prince Charming

Is it possible? I mean, for there to be a real life Cinderella and her prince?

I always thought those stories were so far from reality.

But if there ever was a real life Cinderella, I think I saw her in person this weekend.

This is my Dear Step-Daughter (#1). She was married this weekend!

Here she is walking in the city after the ceremony with her new husband, I mean, Prince Charming.
Here is the back of her gorgeous gown.

My Dear Hubs during the Father/Daughter dance.
I've never cried so much in my life at a wedding. There was a lotta love in the room!
Their ceremony was focused on the real meaning behind marriage, centered on God's purpose for them. I was quite impressed for such a young couple to be headed in the right direction.
It was a beautiful day, a beautiful wedding, and I'm so happy for them.
Congratulations to you both!


Unknown said...

Oh yes indeed! Cinderella and her Prince!
Beautiful! Congrats to all!

gail said...

Jillian, she is absolutely beautiful. And the dress!!! You are right-right out of a fairy tale.
best wishes to them!

Unknown said...

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Ms.Daisy said...

I know I would have cried too if I'd seen them dancing the Father Daughter Dance! Just beautiful! She IS a beautiful bride!


LV said...

Beautiful people and wedding. Such a pretty girl and they make a nice looking couple. You are never too late to visit my blog. You are always welcome anytime.

A Garden of Threads said...

What a beautiful couple. The bride looks amazing. I wish them many happy years.

Thanks for stopping by on Pink Saturday. I use an old photo program called Picture It that we have moved from computer to computer. I do need to upgrade I think, but would need a new computer. Take care.

Victorian1885 said...

Good evening Jillian
What a beautiful fairytale wedding..the bride is so lovely! Love makes the world go round..have a great week!


MJ said...

Looks like a lovely wedding! Glad the weather cooperated too! Was Bebe a flower girl?

Congrats to the bride & groom!

Kathleen Ellis said...

How wonderful your step daughter has found her Prince! I found mine 35 years ago...and we've been living Happily ever after since! ;-D
Jillian, you said we have the same area code...I'm just outside of Harrisburg...where are you? Were you involved in TV in the Hbg. area? I was the "Lifestyle Expert" on WHP for almost 5 years...any affiliation?
Maybe we can connect!
Have a beautiful week!
;-D Kathleen

Leslie {Goodbye, house. Hello, home!} said...

And you, you have a new son! :)
What a gorgeous couple!
One day we will meet our bridegroom, too, and walk in heaven with him in joy!
Can't wait!