Monday, October 27, 2014

The Antique Show Re-Cap: What I Learned

A success!
The antique show this past
 weekend was awesome!
I had a great time.
It was the first of its kind
in this area so I did not
have my expectations very
I was thinking positive
about it and I think it met all of
my expectations.
I was leaning on the conservative
side and only rented a table instead
of a larger, walk-in booth.
During set up I was starting to
wish I had gotten the larger space.
It looked like so much fun.

But I think over all I did well with my
table... so I have no complaints.
I crammed in as much inventory as I could.
There were so many great people
that I met... new friends that
I look forward to seeing again.
The gal in the middle goes to one
of our local auctions so I've made
a mental note to try it out soon.
She was a hoot to watch in motion.
She had the antique show gig
down to a science.
My new friend on the far right,
owns a shop in Cape May, NJ
called "Out of the Past Antiques"
so I am definitely going to
visit her next summer!
Already planning my trip!
So here is what I learned:
1. Every experience is a valuable one.
2. Every opportunity is a learning experience.
3. Every customer is a learning experience.
4. You never know what people will buy!
5. Be patient. Observe More. Listen More.
6. Bring "new" items each day of the sale.
Next up: A peek at some of the other
antique booths ...
PLUS my fourth
"Let's Talk Vintage" Linky party
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Enjoy the day!

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Victoria said...

How wonderful that it went well!!! So happy for you:) But you have an eye for beautiful things so I'm not surprised!

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Beautiful treasures. Thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.