Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pretty Vintage Things From the Flea

Some vintage pieces caught my eye
at the flea market this week.
Yes, I am making the effort to
go each week until the outdoor
vendors are finished for the season.
While I did find some pretty vintage things...
it was not as easy this time.
You have to dig and dig and be willing to
walk away from an object if it is not
in the price range.
Luckily I found these pretty French labels!
What to do, what to do. Sell or keep?
I'd better sell... I have an antique show
coming up at the end of October.
Excited to blog about it soon.
Enjoy your day!


Cranberry Morning said...

But they sure made a pretty picture, and I love those labels! What is it about labels? They're so appealing.

Victoria said...

Those labels are gorgeous! You have a good eye for beautiful things:) I don't have the patience to dig around at flea markets so I rush and miss all the good stuff.

I emailed you that I bought my treasures early! Thank you for holding them for me:) I also put a new blog post up...finally!!!

bj said...

The labels are wonderful. I know SOMEone will make something so pretty with some of them.

Ivy and Elephants said...

Great finds! Those labels are sooo pretty for bottles. You know how to pick 'em!