Thursday, June 12, 2014

Taking a Closer Look #2: An Interactive Story Post

The last time I posted an interactive story telling post based on some old photos, I discovered how much fun it was reading your comments and stories. So, voila! We have round two.

Here are the photos:


I'll of course, start it off... your stories need not be the most hilarious, the most profound, or the most clever.... just a little creative and that's all we need to get the "party" started.

I'm using photo number three:

Millie wished she had not waited until the last minute to get ready for dinner that night. Her cloche hat was nowhere to be found, probably in her Sister's armoire, which is most likely the reason why she couldn't find it. Darn that girl! She is going to give her a piece of her mind when she gets home. That and why only three of them were allowed to drink beer that night. Millie was, after all, a very modern gal. So modern in fact, she refused to wear a dress with sleeves. Now all she could hope for is that the camera was not getting a view of her elephant ankle stockings.

Okay, there you have it! Not the best, but it is fun to come up with a "mini" back story. (Are they really seated outside or is that a fake background????)

ENJOY and I hope you will play along. . . this could be the start of a new link up party!

For now I am joining Pink Saturday and hope some of the other "pinkies" will play along with me.

As we celebrate Father's Day this weekend, I want to thank my Sweet Hubs for being such a great Daddy to our little Bebe (who is getting bigger everyday!)

Also, a Happy Father's Day to my own Dad!

Here we are, both in our HS graduation photos.
We went to the same high school, about 29
years apart.
Big hugs and love go out to him this weekend!

Have a great one! After a soggy week of rain, rain, rain, I am looking forward to sunny skies this weekend.



Miss Rhea said...

Edna was quietly ignoring Millie. What kind of girl left home without her pearls?


Victorian1885 said...

We all stood anxiously awaiting the arrival of the train carrying the Royal Family. This would be one of my most treasured memories of my life....

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Aha ha ha.... love them both! I did notice that the one with the crowd gathering looked like it was taken in England!

Anonymous said...

Super awesome idea! Why didn't I think of this??? You beat me to it, my dear!

Chester didn't care if the rest of the baseball team wore careless, sweaty undershirts and rolled up trousers for the team photo. He would wear his floppy fedora and tie askew - and be right proud of it, too!

Tea in the Library said...

The entire population of Little Bittlesford-on-the-Mire turned out for the long awaited return the town's favorite son, Sir Neville Barton Barton Twattleford on the 6.8 from his Continetal Tour. Little Bittlesford-on-the-Mire had a long wait owing to Sir Neville stepping off the train at the wrong junction and having to hoof it the last 8 miles over hill and stile. "If both my hands are employed holding this Large Floral Tribute for his Lordship", pondered Miss Edith Cowslip, "Who is that adjusting my garters?"