Thursday, February 20, 2014

Miami Vice, Boom Box Fever, and the Jane Fonda Workout: Looking Back Through The 1986 Sears Catalog

Dealing in antique and vintage items is
just plain old fun. There is nostalgia
in looking back at what we were
doing, what were we wearing, and
what was important to us at the time.
And then there is the stuff
we refer to as "Retro."
This week I had the joy of coming
across a 1986  Sears Catalog!
I was in my last year of high school...
Come on along with me
as we take a journey through the pages:
Not only was it a SEARS catalog, it
was their 100th anniversary edition
with a hard cover!
Here's what we were wearing...
Color blocking was big.
Angular lines.
Big colored earrings.
Big hair.
Just look at these pant suits.
Whoaaaa Nellie!
I could usually be found looking
through a telescope while wearing one.
Ahhh, and remember the
"Let's Get Physical" phase?
(What would we have done without
Olivia Newton John's music video and song?)
How about the Jane Fonda workout?

 And don't think I am forgetting the men.
Ooooh no. This is straight out of
Don Johnson's Miami Vice wardrobe.
Oh yeah.
Hot stuff!
How about our homes?
I loved this description of why women
would want to have mirrored closet doors:
"Mirrored doors magically transform
your rooms into relections of your
good taste and judgment."

And these microwaves were "quicker than a flash"
Are these the models that were supposedly
leaking radiation? Or did they just take
up a lot of space on our counters?
Love that wood grain!
They weren't cheap either.
Three, four, five hundred dollars.
That was a lot of money
for convenient cooking.
But everyone was buying one.
What else were we buying?
Take a look:

First there was PAC MAN fever...
and then the people at SEARS thought
 our music players  of choice
became "Boom Box Fever!"
I remember thinking these were SO COOL!

I mean, just look at it!
That's cool stuff.
The eighties...
A time of rainbows, Care Bears,
Unicorns and ruffles.
What little girl wouldn't want this
pink poofy bedroom?

Lots of smiles and laughter
while looking through the pages
of the 1980's.
What will we say about the 2000's?
I don't even think they produce
a Sears Catalog anymore.
This was like a mini time capsule
I'm glad I opened it up.
I hope you enjoyed the trip too!

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The Old Parsonage said...

Love it!! Mr Op wishes that big hair was still in style:)

I had Jane Fonda's work out trying to get back in shape after our Fireman was born 1986 seems like yesterday!

Love this share!!