Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Just Simply Frozen: Can We Fast Forward to Spring?

This is the view outside of our windows.
First we had snow the night of
the Super Bowl.
No school! Yay!
Then we had freezing rain
during the night last night.

No school!
Oh dear....
I've lost count of how
many snow days we've had
already. We're going to have
school until the Fourth of July!
I'm feeling a little bit like

This is our pretty dogwood
tree out front.
Before a huge branch broke off.
It sounds like a war zone outside
 when the branches snap and go down.
Trying to keep busy and to
keep Bebe occupied.
Movies, baking, games.
Coloring. Crafts.
We need more crafts!
Will be busy for awhile
because yet again....another
storm is coming this weekend.
Praying for others to stay safe
out there on the roads.

I know this latest storm affected
many, many states.
Hang in there!

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The Old Parsonage said...

Glad to hear that you are warm and safe. The roads were horrible yesterday - I shouldn't have ventured out! What have you heard about this weekend?!!