Monday, July 22, 2013

Art That Sparks Conversation

When I walk along
 the aisles of booths
at the antique mall
where we have a space
I realize that some
things just don't get
enough attention.
Like this painting below.
It is so unique I thought
it deserved some
And, oddly enough
when a photo is taken
of this painting and there
is back light coming from
a smart phone or from
a computer screen,
it gives it a brand new
light and amazing
For the past year
I've been looking for
paintings of lakes
and lake houses.
This one is really special.
My interpretation is
that the boy is fishing
just like the days when
he used to fish with
his Grandfather.
Sadly his Grandpa has
passed but the elder
is still there with
him in spirit.
I've asked others to
tell me what they see
and there are some
variations as to
how/when/why but
usually it is a similar
theory about a boy
and his Grandfather
or the way the
old man used to sit
there when he was young.
What do you see?
Linking to Blue Monday
at Smiling Sally.


SmilingSally said...

I like your interpretation. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Blue Monday, Jillian.

LV said...

Sometimes words are not needed, I love this as well. However, you said very well.

Hannah said...

The monochromatic appearance of the grandfather would support your idea. My grandfather took me fishing when I was a kid as well, but the surroundings were not so picturesque.