Thursday, April 25, 2013

Getting Industrious

Having fun today uploading
some new inventory to my shop.
You could say I'm getting
This is a great old camera
outfit for decorating
a vintage movie themed room.

This is how it looks when folded
without the flash.

I like it either way!

I'm selling these vintage film 
reels in two sets of five.
Another great way to decorate
a wall or to scatter throughout
a bookshelf. 

Leaning tower of film reels perhaps?

These old film canisters are great
for storage too!

And they fit nice and neat into
this vintage metal carrying case.

But the most fun we had today
was with this child's classroom
face making set.
(Will probably list in my Etsy shop)
I'm almost finished with my
"new" arrivals...
All of the items found in this post
are in my Industrial category, here.
Coming up more vintage jewelry,
ephemera, antique china,
ornaments and vintage Bobbsey
Twins/Nancy Drew books.
Stay tuned!

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