Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vintage & Antique Valentine, Be Mine!

Back in the day, people
were really SERIOUS
about their Valentines.
I'm sharing a few of
the favorites available
(In case you arrived here via GOOGLE,
I've included a link
back to my Bella Shop
for each one. If the link
takes you to a blank page, it has sold.)
Just look at the details in
Victorian girls with their
Valentine gifts.
So endearing!
I love all of the sweet colors
It even includes a
folding tissue paper
in a hot air balloon(?) to find
his true love.
Or how about cupid, driving
Just in case you weren't
sure how sincere the
greeting was...
it was printed on the card!
Love all of these antique
A by gone era...
romance, sweet sentiments.
Sure, you can find that
in a Hallmark card,
but is it ever the same thing?
Getting ready to decorate
my house for Valentine's Day
now that I've finally
packed away Christmas...
What a way to be inspired,
by antique paper Valentines!
Linking to Pink Saturday.
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Jil~Say It With Roses said...

What a treasure trove of vintage Valentines! So beautiful! I wish I had kept all that I received as a child. I loved the ones that opened up the best...all the lace and romance ....

dana said...

HPS!!! Your vintage valentines are gorgeous!!!

I'm still putting Christmas stuff away. . .and I have brought up my two boxes of VDay stuff. I'm glad I don't have a lot of that cuz it's less to deal with later. OMG....I'm sounding like my mother!!! :)

Anyway, I do enjoy putting out the things I have. . .so cheerful! We need it right now. I hate Jan. and Feb. and March!! Such dreary months. I ran this morning and while our temps were near 50 the wind was (still is ) soooo strong that I just felt like I was trying to move through I was just miserable. Anyway, I had to stop three times and walk, but I kept at it til I hit my distance goal. I don't like doing it like I just had to!

I hope you're doing well! Have a great weekend! L, Dana

LV said...

I love and enjoy all types of cards. When I was growing up and in school, could not wait for Valentine day to see how many I would get from the boys.

Anne said...

Hi! I've come to your delightful blog from Beverly's Pink Saturday ~ Now following you, my Dear!

Sarah said...

Visiting from Pink Saturday. These are delightful. I'm off to visit your shop.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Those are pretty!

Hopping from Pink Saturday.
Here's MINE, your comment is always appreciated.

Olivia said...

Oh my goodness I love it! These cards are just darling!!!! xoxo