Monday, May 7, 2012

Tick Tock Looking at Antique Clocks

All work and no play makes
Jillian a dull girl.

That's why I insist on having
"family days" every few weeks
and we take a little side trip.

This week we took a tour of
a clock museum. 

Since we love antiques this was right up our alley.
Look at this beautiful painted rotunda or dome.

Then inside the exibit doors we entered...

First up...early moments of time in our history.
What's this? A piece of Stonehenge?
Who knew, this close to home!
(great job on the replica!)

And of course, a sun dial!
Who needs a wristwatch
when you can look at the sun...

 Then over time man got a little 
more creative with the sandglass.
We call them hourglasses.
Moving on...

 Fast forward to antique clocks of Europe

And not just a clock but a

 From none other than PARIS

Dear hubby snapped a picture of me
reading up on American Clocks

Look at this one.
I love the flag motif.
This is the real thing...
and oldie but goodie.
Not the kind you find
at Hobby Lobby!

And we caught Bebe checking out some of
the more modern clocks
with famous characters on them.

From very old to modern clocks
and a few in between, we enjoyed

our trip to the clock museum!


Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

You're a smart lady to make time for these little 'get aways'! Our lives are way too hectic and it's amazing how relaxed just a day or two away can make you feel. This museum looks very fun -- so many great exhibits!

MJ said...

What a fun family outing! Seems like Bebe inherited the antiques bug!