Wednesday, May 2, 2012

From Letter Openers to Longaberger: New Arrivals Are Here!

We were very fortunate this week to stumble across some
unique and collectible pieces.
Dear Hubs found this stunning silver
crown letter opener.
It is one of my favorites this week!
made in France.

The young woman I purchased this sweet rose
pitcher from said it was "extremely old."
I just thought it was extremely charming!

 I also admired these blue satin glass perfume bottles
with their crown toppers.
The color is just stunning!

I think the appeal to these ivy vases is the fact I found
them in a PAIR and how great they
would look on either end of a white fireplace mantel.

Also for the mantel: \

For your breakfast table a set of
Yes, I actually found the
name of the pattern.
This is work, people.
I kid. This is a lot of fun!

A handpainted Nippon

Sweet and petite "baby brownie"

Also one of my favorites for the week:
an Oneida silver elongated
vanity or perfume tray.
Or on your dining room sideboard
with wine glasses.
You decide.
Either way, so elegant!
And at this price, you can't afford
not to get it.

Forty plus letters and envelopes.

Tiny wooden shoe form with a stack
of petite antique books.

And yes, I meant it when I said it,
"vintage" 1989.

There are a few other finds not shown
you can see them here.

Enjoy the day!

3 comments: said...

Lovely treasures, love how you photograph them as well! Very much how I do when I am selling stuff!

Envious of your job right now because I am right an incredibly boring essay! lol

Rachael xo

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

Great finds! I sure do love that little camera!

gail said...

Hi Jillian....great finds. I think someone in my family had those vases. tHE pattern looks very familiar. Love the perfume bottle.