Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Little Sweet Tweet About Pie Birds

Why does the pie bird sing?

To let the steam out, of course!

Here's a little history from

"(They were) designed to prevent pie fillings from boiling over by creating a steam vent. Though English bakers started using workmanlike ceramic funnels for this purpose in the early 1800s, the utensils didn't take on fanciful bird forms until migrating to the States in the 1930s. The inspiration? The nursery rhyme "Sing a Song of Sixpence": Four and 20 blackbirds, baked in a pie."
Read more:
Vintage Pie Birds – Antique Porcelain Pie Figurines - Country Living

I've come across a few different pie birds in my
travels but the one above and the
following "pie birds" are very hard to find.

The black pie bird in the first photo is
the most common.
 How about a red cardinal?

Or a pretty rooster?
Now these pie fruits are unique...

Or this Christmas pie bird

 I happen to like the pink pie elephant!
But then there is always the pie chef, too.

Just writing this blog post makes
me want to find one or two
to start a little collection.
Three is a collection, right?

The woman Country Living interviewed for
the article had more than 1,000!

That's a lot of pies.

Hope you are having a great week...I'll be back
after a weekend with my Mom, oceanside.
My first Mommy weekend away since Bebe
was born.

Am I excited?

Oh yes!

See you when I return!

(My shop will still be open, shipping day
will be Monday or Tuesday of next week)

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The Checkered Apple said...

Interesting little piece of information! I knew what they were but didn't know the history behind them. Thanks for sharing!

sweetvintageofmine said...

I read the article in Country Living and never knew about those pie birds. Would love to find one!! Cute Blog! from one sweetie to another....Roxie

baju muslim murah said...

Your photos are just amazing! I am so in love with them!

gail said...

Hi the pie birds, and I never knew the story behind them.
thanks so much for the info, and what an ingenious idea!