Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Shopping We Will Go...And A Look at "The Pickers" Mania

It is always a good weekend when I get to go antique hunting.
 Craft stores are also high on my list.

This past weekend I got to do both!

Linking up with Miss Kathy of The Writer's Reverie made it even better! She told me about a special shop she likes to go to near her hometown. Of course I had a great time hunting down my favorites for the shop. But before I share my latest finds...I have some things I want to share about craft stores.
A couple of weeks ago I went to a warehouse in my area, just for flowers, crafts, and home decor.
Row after row of florals.

I wasn't sure what I could do with this many faux flowers.

There was a section for scrapbookers, for jewelry making, f
or ribbons and fabrics.

It seemed endless!

What I did not find were apothecary jars. I found all kinds of other glassware like these green cuties.
 I was a bit disappointed.

BUT then, on my way in to meet up with Miss Kathy, she suggested we stop at the new HOBBY LOBBY in town first, before heading on to the second hand shop.

My ears perked up! "A HOBBY LOBBY?????"

This took me back a few years ago when I lived out in America's heartland, working for a CBS affiliate.

There was a Hobby Lobby that I loved going to. So surely I just HAD to stop in for old time's sake.

Miss Kathy was the one who pointed out that some of the things we found inside were reminiscent of none other than:

The Pickers!
Look at these reproduction "picker" pieces!

 I was amazed...I could see why not everyone could get a
hold of a gas station  sign ...But a bicycle wheel?

We did a little thrifting, then headed over to Miss Kathy's favorite haunt.

I walked in and saw this display of glassware.
 I immediately wanted the cake stand in back.
I have a thing for cake stands.
No room for them, just love them.

 Then later on we found these!
An antique set of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

 Now I know I say I go out looking for all of the best goodies and I love y'all
but  I just couldn't afford the price tag!

The owner of the shop said these were formerly owned by the
VOICE of Snow White.
They were hers!

This child's tea set I think also came from her collection too.
Pretty neat.
I enjoy coming across antiques but when there is a story behind
them it makes so much more interesting.
I think that is why I like antiques
Each piece has a story...and it is up to us to keep it going.

I hope you enjoyed my fun day shopping craft stores and antique shops.
And a big thanks to my tour guide, Miss Kathy.

Next post I'll share what I brought back for Bella Rosa!


Kathryn Ross said...

Oh, yes, Jill! What a fun afternoon! I don't remember you taking so many pictures in the thrift store. I was going to go back and get my shots before I posted the story myself. Wonder if he moved any of that Snow White stuff. It was like a museum! Funny bit about the Pickers. Ha! We totally must do this again - when Goodwill actually has stuff on the shelves . . .

Thanks for the Link to The Writer's Reverie!!!


Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Retail therapy is the best! Love me some Hobby Lobby too!

Gabriela Delworth said...

Hello Jill,

What a fun afternoon! Love your picks!


Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

wow - sounds like a perfect day. What fun!

Victorian1885 said...

It looks like you had a great day! I love Hobby Lobby and it is one of the first things I check out when travelling to the US. Have a great rest of the week!


dana said...

I have Miss Kathy's Circle Journal at my house right now....did she tell you about that? I didn't realize you girls lived so close to each wonderful that you got to spend so much time together.....treasure hunting!

I have one of those green jars with the wire hanger! I bought two of them at a local discount store a couple of years ago...I can't tell for sure how big those were, but mine is pretty large...about 7 inches tall and 5 inches across. Right now, it's on my island with a white chubby candle in it...I used it on St. Pat's night when we had company, but I normally put them on our patio at night...they are wonderful and don't let the candles go out....and they're heavy! OK...I'll stop about that now! :)

Missed you on PS this week!

Our weekend is rain, no wind and lots of sun!!

L, Dana

HPS anyway!!! :)