Monday, February 27, 2012

Thinking Spring

Each year I deal with my winter blues by thinking spring.
And even though we did not have a harsh winter this year...I'm still
eagerly awaiting the first signs.

Some of them have already happened.
Flowers have popped up.
Birds have started singing in the morning.
It is coming.

Bring it on!
Here are a few ideas I found on Pinterest for decorating:

Is this a cute idea or what for the front door?
I knew vintage umbrellas were good for something!

I like the decorating on the eggs
Looks like a vintage doily!

This caught my eye first because of the bright colors.
But then I realized we live in the woods and have tons of branches!

We're having an egg hunt here for some of Bebe's friends...
how cute would this make the table look?

Speaking of tables...this display rocks!

And my glass apothecary jar needs an embellishment
for spring. I like this idea!

There is a really cool store not too far from here.
I think I can get all of the supplies I need to pull some of this off.
If I go this week, I'm taking my camera.

I'll  be back with more!
For now, what's your best spring decorating idea?
I'd love it if you'd share it with me!

If you're on Pinterest, let me know too!


MJ said...

Your photos are so cheerful! I am also looking forward to spring altho it has felt like winter this year has been a prolonged spring!

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

Love all your spring inspiration! Spring is in the air!
Have a lovely day.

Passionate for White said...

Loving the "doily" eggs!

dana said...

LOVE that umbrella! I have a vintage one very similar to that....snagged it for $1.00! I put it in an old wicker "funeral" basket with real pussy willows last spring....loved it. BUT my original idea was one similar to that one you found on Pinterest. I thought thosed "pinned" photos were supposed to automatically link back to the person who originally posted them on a web site. They are supposed to so says Pinterest. I'm having real 'issues' about Pinterst. Someone took a picture off my blog (and our blogs are copyrighted, so legally, Pinterest is allowing infringement of copyrights with the way they allow people to freely take photos w/o the web site/bloggers permission) anyway someone took one of my gr. girl's photos, pinned it, then put an abusive comment on it. I've notified Pinterest three response. SO...I'm not happy with it. I joined it so I could access them...but they don' seem to care what people do with the pictures they are allowed to "pin" off other peoples sites w/o permission. OK...I'll get off my soapbox. I just was wondering why the pictures you took from Pinterest and shared on your blog don't give credit to the people who originally posted them.

Now I'm mad at Pinterest all over again!! I will stop it now, Jillian. :) Just remember...I'm old and cranky, but I have valid points...and I'm really ticked off!

L, Dana

PS I'm not ticked at you.....just Pinterest!! I love you!!!