Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Antique Skeleton Keys - Unlocking Their Mystery

There is something neat about old vintage keys like the skeleton keys seen in the photo above.
You may have an older home with the antique locks still in them. But if you are like the rest of us, your probably just have fun collecting them.

I think the "key to unlocking" their mystery is figuring out how to display them. They can become decorative pieces by themselves or in a picture frame. Here we tied them up in vintage seam binding which softens them up a little bit and adds color.

Some people add them to necklaces or make pins out of them. Collages would looke nice too.
My favorite way to display them is collecting several different types and putting them on a vintage key ring or ribbon and laying them on top of old books or among my bookshelves.

The keys above are available in our store, Bella Rosa Antiques, and I do believe they are brass.

What ideas do you have for collecting vintage keys? Feel free to leave me a comment.

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Donna Lynn said...

Hello Jillian!
Hope your week has been going well...did you have a good 3 day weekend? We spent ours moving my BFF into a moving POD, then she took off for the long roadtrip to TN! Miss her so much already, I have picked up the phone a million times to call and talk to her on the road already...must be driving her crazy! :)

I love your vintage keys, I have mine dangling from my locking china hutch, the guys hate them because they run into them constantly...can't help snickering over that, they are bulls in a china shop!

Take care and hope your doing well!