Thursday, May 29, 2008

Early Antique Cookie Cutters ~ Pennsylvania Dutch

Antiques fascinate me. I think about who may have used them and why...and what life may have been like at the time they were made.

These antique cookie cutters are no exception. Probably from the 19th century these two cutters have a lot of history behind them. I would guess they made lots and lots of Christmas cookies or treats for birthdays, etc. Maybe even to make ornaments to hang on a tree.

The vintage patina on them says it all. For being made out of tin, they have stood the test of time. I wonder if I would be in such great condition!

Since I really don't have a kitchenware category on the Bella Rosa Antiques website...I may try and sell these on ebay. Maybe someone who collects this type of early primitive kitchen tool will be thrilled with them. I know I've enjoyed learning more about their past!

In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment about a cookie cutter collection you may have, a story about baking with your Grandma, or maybe a family tradition you have about cookies!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a Bella day!

(Note: The cookie cutters have since sold)

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Just Between Us Girls said...

I am wild about your sweet treat faux displays. There are just spectacular. Thank you for the nice comments in my blog. The pink chairs were accomplished by my talented husband who sandblasted every inch and then painted them. I did the detail. Have a remarkable weekend.