Thursday, February 26, 2015

So You Want a Vintage Wedding Theme (And Prom, too!)

You know, if I had to do it all over again, I would have a vintage wedding.

From the bridal gown to the shoes and jewelry... I would have a blast designing how it should look.

So because of this I often add things to my shop with vintage themed weddings in mind.

Today I added a couple of jewelry items to the mix:

Classic. Timeless.
And a close up.
This necklace has all of
the characteristics of a
Weiss piece. Nice
quality. Great design.

And of course, a
"matching" pair of earrings.
To top it all off, like a beautiful
wedding cake...
My favorite evening bag:
Just covered in lovely iridescent,
white seed beads... love. this. purse.
It is available in my shop here.
And what's a wedding or prom without
There's more styles & themes,
to choose from at
(in the wedding category)
A great stop, to shop for
vintage wedding and prom.
 (I also like to have vintage fur wraps and capes
available in case of a fall/winter wedding.)
Linking to Pink Saturday, because well,
I would wear light pink shoes if I could
do it all over again! :) 


LV said...

Too fancy for me. I would not wear it that large, but the necklace stones looks like my birthstone.

Sarah Coller said...

OH I know! I wasn't at all into girly things at my wedding...I was only 18 and still a tomboy! Thankfully, I've got 5 girls (well, and 4 boys too) so there can be lots of vintage wedding planning in my future...I hope!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!