Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Reflections on My Christmas Tree

We just finished decorating the second tree in our house. It is tall, a Martha Stewart pre-lit tree, and we bought it in an after Christmas sale at a really, really good price.

We keep it in our "formal" living room (we actually use both rooms but one looks more casual than the other!)

I separate out all of the gold, silver, and white ornaments, just for this tree, as it is flocked with gold glitter and has additional gold "berries" already attached to it. It is really pretty in person.

This year I am adding a touch of deep red or burgundy with poinsettia flowers and glass colored ornaments. So far I'm happy with the results!

Unlike the smaller tree in the "den" area, this one takes a lot of ornaments to cover it. Due to our love for buying vintage we have no problem decorating two trees. In fact, I need to downsize some of our ornaments! This tree has most of our newer ornaments on it, however. You know the kind... the kind you receive as gifts, the ones you buy as souvenirs... some may be very special.

Like this one for instance,

This is an ornament from Cape May, NJ, where we were engaged. The Inn is still in service, but the name changed due to new ownership. I'm glad we bought the ornament when we did. It is nice to hang it on the tree every year as a memory!

I've grown to love clear glass ornaments a lot lately... and hand blown glass. I found this hand blown palm tree in a pile of junk at an estate sale this past summer. It is completely intact!

For a touch of white I like this Lenox snowflake ornament. Lenox china is so classic and timeless. If I had a big enough house I would have a collection in a glass cabinet!

I'll be back later on with some more Christmas posts... I am still decorating the house (The Nutcracker performance combined with a surge in new orders has kept me pretty busy!) so we'll see how soon I can share my newest holiday arrangements with you. I have a whole slew of vintage toy history with some neat bits of info coming for the blog, probably in next week's "Let's Talk Vintage" post.

Until then, enjoy the day!

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Nancy Blue Moon said...

Your tree just sparkles so with all of those clear glass ornaments Jillian..The touches of dark red adds so much to it..Very very pretty!