Monday, May 19, 2014

There's No Place Like the Seashore

We took a detour from our regular life
to get away to the Jersey Shore.
The BEACH... as we like to say.
Others know it as going
"Down the Shore."
But whatever you call it,
there is no other place like it.
Here is a shot I took with my phone...
then changed the coloring a little bit
with Instagram.
So far so good  with Instagram by the way.
I'm trying! I did notice I mostly post
on there about food.
What does that say about me?
We enjoyed our hotel stay along the
beach... especially because it
came with free coupons and samples
of the local pizza place, taffy store,
boardwalk popcorn, famous sticky
buns and more! What's not to love?
The taffy above came from this
oldie but goodie candy store:



We also did a little treasure hunting.
Shells, rocks, and hey, why not
.... vintage stuff, too!
I'll be back later on...
The next few days are going
to be very busy ... lots of
home activities going on.
I still have some catching up
to do with getting back to
so many nice comments bloggers
left about our anniversary.
So sweet! My heart was touched
with each and every one.
Thank you.
ENJOY your week!

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The Old Parsonage said...


We used to go to NJ - Ocean City - when I was a kid. After we got married we started to go to OC Maryland and have since migrated to Dewey DE. I like it - small town appeal.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!