Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Little Ballerina

This weekend we fit in a lot of dancing.
Our little Bebe is taking dance
lessons and her first show was Saturday.
And yes, I am still using my Christmas
tree ornaments as photos for the blog!
The pictures we actually took
of the Christmas Show were terrible.
Bebe had her first "big" role
as an angel, carrying a candle
down the aisles of the audience
and up the steps, onto the stage.
Of course I was so proud
of my little SweetPea!
Then yesterday we took her
to see the local version of the
I must confess, I love seeing
it every year! Love the music, the dancing.
After all, I am a ballerina at
heart...I took lessons for many years
and danced once in our hometown
The memories!
Anyway, we're all danced out
for now. At least I am, Bebe was
spinning and turning and pretending to
be "on toe."
So cute! Melts my heart.
Enjoy the day!
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