Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I was fine until I saw this...

We reached another milestone in Bebe's life.

Pre - School!

Here she is about to go in... new backpack and a big grin.

New teacher and new friends... but she had no trouble at all and made the transition without any problems.

No crying, no fears or tears.

Mommy was fine too until I opened my "Parents Survival Kit" on the way out to my car.

Inside was this note and a few little goodies:

Your child is beginning a new journey today.
Enjoy some TEA while they're away.

If the tears should come when you say good-byes
Here are some TISSUES for your eyes.

If their presence you should miss,
Here's a special little KISS.

This first day of preschool will be over soon,
Celebrate the day...here's a BALLOON!

I'll be taking pictures of some extra goodies I found... things may appear on the website tonight or maybe tomorrow morning. Stop over and see the JUST LISTED page when you can!


Claudia said...

She looks adorable! I hope you're surviving this new adventure!


Anonymous said...

Sweet Bebe off to school - and she will thrive, I am sure!

And cheers to the outside-the-box creative thinker who put that survival kit together - how awesome is that!

I did one like it when I sold Mary Kay - a de-stress kit, with some bath and lotion spa samples, cute things and a poem. It was very well received.

Looking so forward to our weekend!
See you soon!

Ms.Daisy said...

How thoughtful Bebe's new teacher is...the survival package sounds like just the thing for Mommy's left on their own! Wish I could have been there to see her with her new backpack, too.