Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fleamarket Finds Worth Waiting For: Antique German Seashore Puzzle, Vintage Film Reels, Souvenir of Buffalo China, Tuck's Postcards & More

Summer may be behind us... but it is certainly not forgotten! This week, more finds from our fun day at a local antique flearmarket: (Click here to go straight to the website)

I really really really really REALLY like this puzzle. I secretly hope no one buys it. LOL!

A Tuck's Thanksgiving Day postcard. We sold another one recently but this version has a gold edge around it.

Sweet vintage sweater guard.

Very interesting! Antique shoe decor. Gorgeous marcasite "buckles"

You can see on the reverse side where they had been stitched to the shoe.

Nice heavy quality to them.

Beautiful rosey china!

Ut oh! Look who's coming to town next month!

I listed a couple of Tuck's Halloween postcards on EBAY here.

Let's see how this spooky gal with a RED gown does.
Halloween postcards are usually more desirable than other holidays.

A couple of vintage glass beaded Christmas tree garlands.

This one is great if you are "GOING GREEN" this year.

Recyled trim! Yay!

Antique children's book from about 1892.

Given to two daughters by their father for Christmas.

Amazing illustrations on EVERY page.

Another Halloween postcard, listed on ebay instead of Bella Rosa.
I know, just the right person would have to find this Souvenir of Buffalo NY china cup appealing... but I have found a new owner for other souvenir pieces and I'm going to try again.
So pale and pretty, these three postcards just seemed so

Rachel Ashwell, don't you think?

My nicest piece of vintage beaded garland... 8 feet long!

How sweet...get a puppy for your birthday, by Tuck's of course.

All these and more, JUST LISTED!


Anonymous said...

You out to hide that Hans Brinker puzzle for yourself, then, rather than take chances! At least, it has a Hans Brinker look to it . . .

Sweet postcards and the shoe buckles are a marvel!

Can't wait to share more of your finds this weekend!! I so need this getaway - you just can't know . . .


Ms.Daisy said...

You have a nice collection of goodies for Bella Rosa this week. I especially like the children's book - the illustrations look lovely.


Tami @ Creative girl Vintage said...

What fantastic finds, Jillian...I will go check out your shop!
xo Tami