Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fleamarket Shopping ~ New Listings Tonight?

My plans have suddenly changed for the evening... so I may try to list my latest antique fleamarket finds. Here is a sneak peek:

A pretty plate for hanging...

Love the old advertising cards...

These roses just make my heart go pitter patter...

Pretty little buttons on a T&V Limoges bread plate. Yummy colors!

Lovely Nippon handpainted urn
Dear Hubby found it. It turned out to be my favorite find of the weekend!

Although this French box is fairly awesome!

Or how about this "Paris of the Past" book?

Rhinestone shoe clips

Pretty pastel "THINK OF ME" cup

And an antique milk glass tray.

There's more but I've got to get Bebe to bed and then I'm going to get to work!


Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

Great finds - were you where I think you were on Tues?


Such great and pretty finds...I haven't gone hunting lately! Have a nice day. FABBY

Ms.Daisy said...

These are great finds. Love the one DH found! You really have an eye for beauty.