Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Inspired by the Seashore: Atlantic City Boardwalk Postcards, French Books, Vintage Jewelry, Patriotic Pin & Ribbon, French Jewel Box

Patriotic things are very hard to find...these are oldies but goodies...

More Paris postcards...I can't keep these stocked long enough so I am offering six more this week... a great price for you since I found them at a great price.

An antique book "La Belle Fance" highlighting the beauty of the country... a little shabby but so many wonders inside...

Like the great illustrations (75 in all!) how about this one of the Eiffel tower.

A very unique piece of old jewelry... is the center handcarved celluloid????

A trip to the Atlantic Ocean inspired me to think all things seashore and I came up with these antique postcards from the famous Atlantic City boardwalk. Postcards are from around 1909. Since I used to work in and around AC, these are amazing for me to see.
How lovely to stroll along the Atlantic Ocean, especially at night. If only I could go back there to see how they dressed, what they were talking about. Enchanting! At least there are these night time postcards to remember how things used to be....

A sweet antique book from 1894 about a woman named Marie who loves music, especially her violin...find out what happens to her - all with the backdrop of romantic France!

This industrial style hat stand is one of my favorite finds... makes a statement, even without the hat!

Lovely jewel box with a French scene... vintage fifties... made in Japan.

And three fun Paris postcards... stop by to see more of my finds... some vintage china, milk glass vanity jar, Tuck's postcards and more!

All found by checking out my JUST LISTED page, here.


Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Oh what lovely treasures.... I just love your Paris postcards, and the jewelry box, it's gorgeous!!!
Hugs~~~ Daphne

Gypsea Nurse said...

you got some goodies there... Love the Germantown ribbon!
Have a great week!

Gypsea Nurse said...

you got some goodies there... Love the Germantown ribbon!
Have a great week!

Holly said...

So, so beautiful! Love the porcelain box. Always enjoy seeing your pretties.

Ms.Daisy said...

That little book called "Marie" looks enchanting and the cover is so pretty. Great find on those AC postcards.