Monday, February 7, 2011

Old Postcards Still Deliver Smiles 100 Years Later

Welcome to Second Chance Tuesday, where I like to highlight things deserving of a second chance. Today I'm going to talk about hold postcards.

They had their first chance of giving someone a smile when first purchased and sent to a good friend.

Now they get a second chance (or who knows how many really) when enjoyed by antique postcard collectors.

Recently my Dear Hubs purchased an old album full of cards. He paid a bundle. I'm really not sure if we'll ever actually make any money on them, but learning about some of these cards might make it worthwhile.

I thought this one was neat. Its a Valentine greeting as well as Jack Frost. It may or may not be worth much but I like it and before I sell it I'm going to try and do a little research on it.

I'd also like to ask little Jackie there to kindly leave our area and make room for kind little Miss Spring to arrive. How about you?

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Nancy said...

Jillian, I love old postcards and use them to wind my trims on for selling. I was just stocking my etsy shop. I'm going to link up with an odd second chance from my crafty (other) blog, Linens and Laurel.

Back with that in a sec! :-)

MJ said...

If the pictured winter is similar to this winter, the ducks must be frozen in the water. No way around it!

Ms.Daisy said...

Love that Frosty Valentine! Thanks for your nice comment on my winning on the "Write With Pictures" blog.


Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Thank you, Nancy! Much appreciated.