Sunday, April 4, 2010


Being a new Mom has had many challenges as well as joys. This weekend I had my first crack (pun intended!) at setting up an Easter egg hunt for Dear Bebe and another family.

What fun we had! An EGGcellent time!

I was the ever dutiful Mommy following her around with the basket. The kids were so cute ... I loved their reactions to finding an egg. This picture is my favorite. Look at that face! Determined already!

Even better was the break inbetween each one to open it and eat what was inside! How do they figure it out so fast? I didn't show her how to do it. Must be a human instinct. I KNOW THERE IS FOOD IN THERE!

A good haul! I'm proud of my little egg hunter.

Can't wait to do it again next year!


Ashley ~ said...

Hey GF*! I am SO happy for your visit so I could follow you home to your new blogspot*! You're little egg-hunter is so precious*!!! What is it about the smell of chocolate in those little plastic eggs that gets a girls attention so young*? (SMILE)

((Hugs to you and the little one))

Victoria said...

Little girls and chocolate, it's just in our blood to love chocolate at birth I guess! Your little one is absolutely adorable!!!

Michelle said...

What sweet pictures of your little egg hunter! Looks like fun ~ we had to have our egg hunt inside because of rain, but it was still fun!

To answer your question about my stitching.. I store things seasonally so Tulip Time will be put away with springy decorations.

Have a great week!

MJ said...

Go Bebe!! Their reaction to the egg hunt changes yearly! It is so fun to watch them hunt!!

Ms.Daisy said...

I just love the expression on her face and her little friend running in the opposite direction! Great pictures and memories!

Sandi said...

Oh how sweet!! She is just adorable! I had fun this year doing a hunt for my grandchildren. Too fun!!