Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vintage Christmas Antiques & Collectibles

What is it about vintage Christmas items? They are charming. They can also remind of us families, celebrations, and love.

Who doesn't remember pulling out boxes of Shiny Brites to hang on their trees? Or the star toppers...maybe your family had an angel. One of my favorite things to set up was the nativity.

What I didn't like was having to string up the lights. My Sister and I were the Christmas decorators. My Mother handed the job over to us and we planned a day to do it (we had an artificial tree) and made the event special by putting on our favorite Christmas album. Then I would try and convince my Sister that she had to do the lights because she was , well, she was older and could do a better job. Sometimes it worked.

Every year I would forget what ornaments we had until we unwrapped each one and I would exclaim with glee..."oh I love this one! And this one, too!"

What are your favorite Christmas decorations? If you're looking to add something "new" to your collection, check out this page on our website, Bella Rosa Antiques.

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Awesome collection stuff.Thank you.

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