Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Visit to the Booth ~ Bringing Vintage Christmas Ornaments

The Christmas season is fast approaching...I can't believe it is almost Thanksgiving. Retailers have already set out their holiday inventory. The same is happening in our antique mall and I'd better get started before it's too late. The birth of Dear Bebe has me pretty occupied so at least I have an excuse! Scroll down with me to check out what I have to work with, minus the Christmas items.

Pretty soon (probably this weekend) I will be bringing our holiday items in. I love decorating at home for Christmas and the booth can be pretty fun, too. The three tiered plate stand is calling me to load it up with ornaments and other shiny baubles.

This plant stand would probably sell better in the spring, but I'm intriqued by filling it with different items. What could I put in there for Christmas? Note the doorway in the background. We were lucky enough to get a booth up front near the register but lately nothing is helping our sales. Could be the bad economy buzz or people are waiting until after Thanksgiving.

This is our case. I do have a few items here and there for the holidays but there are more ornaments, garlands, and figurines to display. Some can be found on the Bella Rosa Antiques website.

The three gnomes atop this display cabinet could mix in well with a Santa elf or toy theme ...I thought they stood out nicely from the milk glass in the back. I think the bowl on the right is a hobnail punch bowl. Neat idea for Christmas with greens and red decor!

This is a peek inside the display cabinet. Lots of options here...if I clear out most of the dishware. Do I do a Shabby Chic type of Christmas in there or go traditional? I'm thinking like Rachel Ashwell and I have a feeling this would make a great look.
Check back with me next week to see how it looks...and feel free to start browsing our Christmas/Holiday inventory on the website, Bella Rosa Antiques.

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Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you, I love shabby chic and Rachel Ashwell. Now it's really moved into more of a french country look, which I adore. Your little plant stand is adorable and would look great with fresh greens, some pine cones and some ornaments, just a thought!!