Monday, July 21, 2014

Walking in an Etsy Wonderland

Ever wish you could go shopping in an "Etsy-like" world?

Recently I discovered, I can.

Back in the spring we made the decision to end our booth at the antique mall where I had a space for 14 years. It was something I needed to do, yet it was difficult to say good bye to the friends and memories, not to mention the great spot we had right near the check-out counter!

Then the hubby and walked into an "Etsy-like" world in a warehouse style antique and handmade co-op in our local downtown area.

And the advertising even states "It's like Etsy LIVE." (I grabbed a piece from the co-op's website. I don't think they will mind the free advertising.)

It is called Building Character, and as you can see, their tag line is "Vintage, Recycled, and Handmade."

Really fun place. Loved the "vibe" and the creative, artistic feel. 

We really liked the co - op, the owner, and the spaces, but we were torn between finally having our weekends back and how cool it would be to join these dealers.

In the end we decided to put this on hold for now and weigh our options.
I'm actually scouting out all of the small downtown areas ... looking for open store fronts and other opportunities. I'd love to have my own brick and mortar shop.

But for now we can always go shopping here for inspiration!

Loved this table!

I'll be back with another inspiring town filled with inspiration...I'm taking my blog readers along on my journey as I figure out what I'm going to do this coming year.

Enjoy the day!


AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I found a place just like that in Lancaster, PA. It was in a warehouse and there were actual Etsy vendors there. Really great stuff. A huge commitment though. Happy hunting!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

How fun, looks like lots of goodies!! Happy sweet day to you!! xo Holly

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Looks like a fun space! I love adventuring right along with you. I agree, don't rush. Take your time and that perfect solution will come!

Victorian1885 said...

Hello Jillian
Good luck in whatever you decide. I am sure it will be a wonderful journey... take care.