Sunday, February 3, 2013

While Hubby is Watching the Super Bowl...

Have a seat and check out my latest arrivals!
I am a really big fan
afterall, of antique things!
This one is called a cockade
fan. Very early and unique!
A trio of sweet butter pats.
Man cannot live by bread
alone ... this plate
gives us a simple reminder
in all of its beauty.

This "vintage" book (probably late 80's,
early 90's) is full of beauty.
A fan souvenir book from the Musuem of
Fine Arts, Boston.

Vintage charm bracelet by Avon.
 And a set of fan postcards.
Early china butter dome with
the matching bowl.
Homer Laughlin.
I'm also a fan of these
old antique books.
Longfellow just makes
this one sing with poetry.
This music note pindid not appear
 to be too old to me, but I brought
it home anyway because
it was so sweet!
Pretty pinks
Loved this pink alarm clock!
Didn't want to sell it!
It almost became a
fixture in my office...
Another pretty piece.
That one pink rose is just so
refreshing when the skies
are gray and cloudy.

A bit of elegance on a pair
of ladies vintage white gloves.
And the handle on this demitasse
cup and saucer really sets it off.
You can see the rest of my finds here.
So, Ravens or 49ers?
You can be sure it really
doesn't matter to me.
I just like the food,
the commerials, and
the companionship!
Enjoy your week!

5 comments: said...

Gorgeous! Trying to justify why I NEED a fan book and fan postcards when I am supposed to be decluttering my life haha Rachael xo

Cranberry Morning said...

Nice finds! Love the flowers. So nice to see flowers in the midst of winter. :-)

Anonymous said...
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Ms.Daisy said...

Some good finds Ms. Jillian! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Sooo pretty!! Thanks for brightening up a rainy day here on the west coast. :)