Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Scenes Around the Lake

I am a budding photographer.

The reflection on the water
made my morning the day I
snapped this photo!

This shot was taken
while we were still working
on the house.
No curtains.
No outlet covers.

But things were starting to fall into
place by then.

This popcorn place
is located on
 my favorite beach.
I just had to hang
it here in the
 lake house.

Other random shots
from the lake.
I can't remember
which ones
I have used already.

 I love the ducks.
They seem to hang
 out on our little shore.

We even found
an antique shop.

 All kinds of beautiful
things inside.

I'll be back with goodies
I've found here locally
and also hopefully some things
I'll find at the lake house!

Drop me a line...
what awesome deal
did you find this week?

1 comment:

MJ said...

No awesome deal found by me this week but I had to comment on the lovely photos, espec. the flower and its reflection in the lake! Gorgeous!