Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beautiful Vintage Rose Postcards ~ Oh so Bella Rosa!

Last week I went on an antiquing trip. Whenever I go, of course, I am seeking out items to bring to you on the website. And today I am showing you the lovely rose postcards I found. These are hand picked, by me...I had to visit a lot of antique booths and sort through their postcard selections to find the nicest cards. I was happy with what I brought home. They will be listed soon.
I love the heart shaped graphic on this one because it also looks like a Valentine!
Hopefully I can get them listed during the next two days...they'll be in the Ephemera and Just Listed categories on the site.
And if you're a fan of vintage aprons...I found a handful that are adorable! Two are Christmas themed. They too, will be listed. Pictures of those, coming soon. (In case you're wondering why I don't have these pictures yet...I am the mother of a four month old and I have to carve time out of my day to accomplish all of this. It is a challenge but I manage to find the time!)
A few of you have requested the vintage glass shakers to use in your craft projects for glitter. I found a couple to list as well. Not sure what category to place them in. I might have to create one!
Hope you're having a Bella week!

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