Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cleaning Out ~ The Collectible Clutter

If you're an avid collector or even an antique dealer, you know how things can accumulate. You hunt for great vintage finds, keep some, and part with others right away.

Then there's the "why did I buy that" category and the "not sure what to do with it" shelf....and my husband's favorite..."it just needs to be repaired" bin.

Our church is having a fundraising yard sale this weekend and I think it's time to go through our "stuff."

What do you save, get rid of (trash) and what can you donate? This is definitely up to you but here are a few simple guidelines:

1) Is it sell able in any way other than your website or antique booth? Sometimes collectors are looking for pieces and parts to repair their own "broken treasures." Internet auctions are great for this purpose.

2) Would it make a great yard sale or flea market item? Try sorting into boxes labeled for it's next destination or for donation.

3) If you've had it for more than 3 years and it still doesn't have any appeal then put it in the donation bin. One woman's junk is... well, you know.

4) If you've tried making repairs to the item and it still isn't of good quality then you may want to trash it. Don't feel bad ...just get rid of it.

5) Have storage conditions made the piece fade, crumble, smell, or deteriorate in any way? Trash, unless it has usable parts as in guideline number 1.

6) Did you buy the item on impulse or while you were in a "phase" and don't collect it anymore? Pass it on.

One good thing about going through your stuff is you may find things you forgot about or things may have become more collectible since it has been in storage. Bonus!

To help in future searches for your items try organizing them on shelves or in labeled bins with similar items.

And to treat yourself for having done such a great job sorting and de-cluttering, go check out the latest sales or auctions!

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{oc cottage} said...

Thaaaaat's my problem...sort and de-clutter...and then bring home more!!! :)

m ^..^

Joanne Kennedy said...

I used to never hold on to anything. I would just give things away left and right. Then I thought I would sell them or at least try. If not, then donate.

Sometimes I get really lazy though and just toss things out. That's sad.