Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Venetian Lace School - Italian Works of Art

One of the things that makes Italy such a wonderful place to visit is all of the artwork. While you may be thinking Michelangelo or DaVinci....I'm writing today about a different type of art.

During my first trip to Italy, I visited a lace making school in Venice. The Il Merletto Lace School, to be exact. Of course, I was impressed with the details created by the unique needles. And how interesting it was to see the "tools" used in the process.... mostly the round needlelace pillow as seen being used in the photo below.

Photo courtesy of the Burano Lace website:

I think I was impressed because this is not your ordinary crocheting or knitting. These women were MAKING LACE. I suppose I always thought it was done on a machine. But not here. All done by hand. I have a few pieces of this lace I brought back with me from my trip... available here in our website, Bella Rosa Antiques.


Niesz Vintage Home said...

Hi Jillian,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
That lace is beautiful! I'm completely amazed by the process.
How wonderful that you were able to see it first hand.

Oh, and your website is lovely! I'm off to go look at some more of your pretties.
Kimberly :)

CIELO said...

Hi Jillian, it's so nice to meet you! You have a charming blog, and I certainly will come back. Thanks for your visit to my house in the roses



j said...

Your post looks interesting! It looks difficult to do.

You asked me about Erin and she and I did used to tease each other about being Sister Hare's from another Mister Hare. No relation but you were correct in thinking that we called each other Sisters.

And NO, I don't know what happened to Erin. I go by and leave comments on that last post, just in case she still checks things out. I have seen a few bloggers sort of just give it all up. I miss her, but I trust that when she is able, she will be back. She wasn't REALLY regular to start with, but her posts were always so GOOD! I put her on my Blogs worth waiting for Blogroll because I just didn't have the heart to take her off completely.

Thanks for asking and I wish that I could tell you more.

Be blessed.