Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Sweet BabyCakes

Remember this pretty pink gadget I wrote about a few weeks ago?

The one I was bursting with joy about? Chanting "I can make mini this and mini that!"

Well even before you could say the words pink babycakes cupcake maker....I had already purchased one.

I had hoped that my great online advertisement would land me a freebie, but to no avail.

Ah well, I'll just get one on my own then, I thought!

And oh yes, I did. I felt like I had snagged the last best new Christmas toy on the shelf. There were actually two left. I'm sure they had more in stock. But still.

I was even more smug knowing I had used a ten dollar off coupon to get it!

Thanksgiving night I gave it as a birthday present to my neice for her December birthday.

She LOVED it! I am officially a ROCK STAR now. Tee hee.

We even tested it out.

Pictures to follow, soon. I am hoping to find one under the tree this year, but if not, I know I can make fun memories with my neice whenver we get to see each other.

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EvA. . . said...

Love the cupcakes:) so cute!