Saturday, May 30, 2009

Rose Jewelry Box, Vintage Calendar Print, Godey Fashions, Paris Perfume Bottle & More!

"New" items are being added this week to the virtual store.
Hope you enjoy the sneak peek below:

Vintage teapot. Having a teaparty? This one is too cute!

For every kid at heart. A vintage 1965 Disney Fantasyland story book.

All the favorites in one book!

What's not to love about a pink trimmed rose cake plate?

The only thing missing is the cake! And I actually have one on the site for sale. Only, darn, you can't eat it.
These were too sweet not to arrange them for a possible wall display, especially when you get lucky enough to find three of them!
A vintage Godey Fashions framed print. So lady-like!

A mirror trio. Not old, but fun for decorating!

A few of thes have sold already...only a few left!
These were adorable for my "FOR CRAFTERS" category. Great for mixed media art projects! I wish I could see what happens to these items after they leave the store. Hey, that's a great post customer's projects on the website!

Thank you, this has SOLD!
Couldn't believe I found another one of these! This one is FANTABULOUS! Is that a word? It should be... to describe this needlepoint chair cover. The pink rose is huge and so well done! Fits about a 17 x 20.

This pretty chic n shabby glass covered jewelry box could also be painted white or pink. I'm not sure what look you may be seeking so I'll probably leave it up to the next owner.

I just love this pink Asian style parrot lamp. It is GORGEOUS. Great on a night table or special nook.

This is stunning. The blue gown is to die for! But alas, it is a print. A vintage salesman's sample for a calendar, as I was told at the time of purchase.
Put your own title at the top, or crop it for framing.
Ships rolled up in a tube so it won't be bent by the postal service.

This ornate mirror caught my eye. Thought it would make a great foyer piece in an arrangement. One of my customers buys them for embellishing. Maybe I should add it to my "For Crafters" category! You just never know with these creative ladies...the beautiful things you can create.

Thank you, this has SOLD!
A French perfume bottle marked PARIS in raised letters. Oui!
We also have the silver overlay on the glass perfume bottle, shown in the top photo.
I was soooo tempted to keep it but I just can't keep it all!

Soon these additions and more will appear on the website, Bella Rosa Antiques, under the "Just Listed" category. Join my growing mailing list if you'd like to receive an alert as to when they make it on: Tell me in an email and send it to

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Kris said...

Love all your finds, but I'm drawn to the perfume bottles and the calendar girl.